Friday, May 11, 2012

George Colligan Quartet at Ivories Tonight! Live Recording!

I'll be smiling if you come to Ivories tonight!
For those of you who live in Portland, you are in for a treat; tonight at Ivories(1435 NW Flanders) is the George Colligan Quartet. I'll be playing piano, and maybe some melodica if I feel like it. David Valdez is an amazing alto player, Eric Gruber is an amazing bass player, and Todd Strait is a killing drummer. (Killing means he sounds great, not that he has ever killed anybody. That I know of.) We'll be playing a lot of my original music, as well as some off the beaten path jazz standards. We are doing a live recording, so if you want to be documented on our recording, prepare your hands for clapping and come on down. It's a 10 dollar cover; Come on, it's worth it!

I leave you with a video of me playing with Al Foster, Eddie Henderson, Doug Weiss, and Eli DiGibri. This was recorded in Paris in 2007. Enjoy!

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