Monday, October 22, 2012

Masterclasses from "The Shed", the first annual PSU Jazz Camp

Back in July, I posted about a brand new happening at Portland State University: "The Shed," a 3 day intensive jazz camp held at Portland State University. It was quite a success; we are looking to expand it to 4 days next summer. Each day consisted of masterclasses, small group coaching, and jam sessions. I thought the masterclass were very interesting because each one reflected the unique personalities of the respective instructors. These classes have been posted on youtube, and I'm posting them here; if you have the time, take a look and see if you learn anything. (I'm certainly learning a lot by watching myself!) Masterclasses can go many different ways; they can be mostly talking, mostly playing, half playing and half talking. They can be completely scripted or off the cuff. They can involve the students in a number of different ways. I think we showed a broad spectrum of possibilities. I'm looking forward to next years' "Shed!" Enjoy!

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