Monday, November 18, 2013

The Home Stretch

Our tour is over and the Jack DeJohnette Quartet featuring Don Byron is taking a hiatus(with the exception of one gig in Albany on December 28th.). I've been playing with DeJohnette off and on since 2009, and I've been playing off and on with Don Byron since 2001! Even so, it's still fresh and I learn something from playing with them every night. I've also learned a lot hanging with our bassist and vocalist Jerome Harris. He's a walking encyclopedia! You could ask him about anything from visual art to amino acids and he'll have the answer, not to mention all of the music he knows.

Life on the road is very different from life at home; living out of a suitcase, constantly in unfamiliar surroundings, a lot of "hurry up and wait" time, eating out of boredom, or eating because you aren't sure when the next meal will be, are some of the pitfalls of the road. It's been amazing to play for the great, enthusiastic audiences of Europe. It's amazing to feel that energy of the musicians on the bandstand and the communication with the crowd. However, it's hard when I can't be near my closest friends and loved ones, and I can't hug my son goodnight. So as great of an experience as this tour was, I'm ready for home.

I'm also read to see how my students have progressed in my absence. My colleagues at PSU have been graciously covering for me, so I'm hoping that everything will be on track. I'm particularly interested to see the progress in my Advanced Improvisation class. I was seeing some gains before I left; if all is going according to plan, they should have made some major improvements by now. Well, if not, I'll be bringing my trusty numchucks to class: let the beatings BEGIN! Oh, I'm just messing around. There will be no beatings.....this term......

In case you are wondering what the music sounded like on this tour, you are welcome to check out some of these youtube links. Portland, see you tomorrow!

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