Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Article for Keyboard Magazine on Kenny Kirkland,Etc.....

The great Kenny Kirkland
I've been a long time reader of Keyboard Magazine. I read it mostly for gear reviews; you might find descriptions of anything from actual hardware keyboards to virtual keyboards and software synthesizers to keyboard amplifiers. I used to enjoy their annual segment on comparing the latest Hammond B-3 Organ simulators (like comparing the Nord C1 to the Korg C3,etc... real keyboard geek stuff). This year, I've been asked by Jon Regen(who is an editor and contributor to Keyboard, and also a performer in his own right) to also contribute some lessons on  salient characteristics of various important jazz pianists. I've done two so far; the first was an article on the great McCoy Tyner, which can be found here:

and the latest is an article on a pianist who was and still is a huge inspiration, Kenny Kirkland:

I'll start work on another lesson for Keyboard soon. I was going to do John Tesh, but I don't know if I have the skills to tackle such a huge musical force. 

While we are on the subject of mediocrity, I have a new CD which is coming out (my 20th as a leader-impressed?), if it's not already out, on the Steeplechase label.(I think it's definitely on Itunes at the moment.) It's called Isolation, and I recorded it in January of 2009 in Copenhagen. I recorded it in about two hours on producer Nils Winther's lovely Fazioli grand piano. I had recorded two solo and two duo CDs (with Danish bassist Jesper Bodilsen) on the same instrument, and it was wonderful to return to this piano after many years. I'll probably never be able to afford a Fazioli
piano of my own, but it's a remarkable instrument. It plays, as they say in Brooklyn, "like buttah!" The CD is made up of all originals, many of which were written in the early 90's. However,some of the tunes were inspired by a week-long workshop that I did in Englesholm Castle, in another part of Denmark. It was one of the best teaching experiences I have had, and it greatly inspired me. Hopefully that inspiration comes through the music on the CD. 

I'm old enough to know that
George Colligan sounds like crap!
Finally, if you happen to live in Winnipeg, I will be appearing this Tuesday at the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain in St. Boniface. It's a little different from my usual trio gigs. I will be doing solo piano, then a trio featuring myself on drums, the great Steve Kirby on bass and the incredible Jimmy Greene on saxophone. And then, I will be back on piano doing some originals and some French music in a duo with the talented and up-and-coming vocalist Rayannah Kroeker. Should be fun for the whole family; unless your family is one that  does not enjoy music...


  1. Now you've made me curious. So which one do you prefer: the Nord C1 or the Korg C3?

    Also, are you planning a CD release party in the New York City area at any point? :)

  2. Great new solo record George! Maybe you should do a page on Mulgrew for your keyboard column. I've been enjoying them so far.

  3. salle mariageMessages On HoldVery funny. I, unfortunately, have seen Wicked (out of town guest request). I spent a crapload on tickets and the show was TERRIBLE! I still don't know any songs from Wicked because the songs are completely unmemorable. Actually, the music sounded so canned that we had to actually look to see if there really was an orchestra in the pit! I'm sure they use off-site musicians too so they can cram more tourists in. It is very sad that this is one of the "biggest" shows on B-way. I can only gather that that is the case because you don't need to know English, you don't need to have any taste and you can be easliy satisfied wth a couple of "special effects" which would be laughed at in Vegas. Truly, this was one of the worst shows I've ever seen.

    Now, the production of "South Pacific"--THAT's a musical with absolutely gorgeous orchestrations by Sir Richard Rodney Bennett played by a wonderful orchestra! See More


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