Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hal Galper at Ivories Sunday April 1st.

Pianist Hal Galper
In case you weren't aware, the great pianist and educator Hal Galper is going to be at Ivories this Sunday(which is today, actually). Galper, although under-recognized in the modern jazz world, is a legend; many know him from his tenure with the Phil Woods Quintet. ( I saw him with Woods in the late 80's and was blown away...) Galper also had some classic records with the Brecker Brothers as the front line("Speak With A Single Voice" was my favorite; it features Wayne Dockery on bass, Bob Moses on drums, and some ferocious pentatonic work from Galper. That CD has been re-released on Itunes as "Children Of The Night" with some bonus tracks.)

Galper has written some very informative books. One which I enjoyed is called "Jazz Piano Voicings". It's a lot of written out voicings, but also some good philosophy. Here are some pearls of wisdom from Galper:

"....I have always considered the piano to be a superfluous instrument in a jazz group. It is just not needed. The other instruments are already fulfilling the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic roles. Because of it's ability to be so interruptive, the pianist's role in a group is then very sensitive, and must be used with restraint...."

Another book authored by Galper is "The Touring Musician". I found a lot of real world advice from Galper in this book. Some musicians have no idea what's involved with "booking your own band". Galper gives a great and brutally honest perspective about taking your music on the road.

The gig is from 4:30 to 7:30 PM. I urge you not to miss it! I leave you with a clip from youtube:

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