Friday, February 13, 2015

New Addition

I apologize to jazztruth fans everywhere for my lack of presence in the blogosphere for the past few weeks. Here's the reason:

No, I didn't become an Obstetrician. We had a baby! His name is Jordan Gregory Colligan, and he was 6 pounds 7 ounces. Now he's up to 9 pounds. I'm trying to find him a personal trainer to lose those unwanted extra pounds. Joking.

He's doing well, he certainly sleeps better than my number one son Liam. But even so, it's taken me away from jazztruth, although I still have many ideas. I've definitely slowed down in the past 5 years ( jazztruth started in 2010) but I still like having the forum to present ideas, teaching concepts, CD reviews, and lots of other things. However, having a family, teaching full time, trying to book gigs, and keep my exercise regimen take up most of the day and sometimes it just seems impossible to get to everything. I didn't even mention practicing in that list; after ignoring the fact that I pretty much stink as a pianist these days, I've decided to get back in the shed on the 88's. ( Also, I'm preparing for a solo concert in April and then a possible solo piano tour in June, so I need to be ready for that.)

I have many things to report, a PILE of CDs to review, and other things. So stay tuned and I'll be right back with more jazztruth.

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