Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jazz Heaven

Drumer Falk Willis, creator of jazzheaven.com
"Jazz Heaven" at first reminds me of a scene from one of my favorite Woody Allen films called Stardust Memories; in the film, Allen plays a filmmaker who can longer make funny films because of all the suffering he perceives in the world. He is working on a film which is very moody and Fellini-esqe. The producers of the film edit in a scene where the passengers on a train, who look very depressed and sad, end up in, you guessed it, "Jazz Heaven".


But this blog is regarding a brand new site which drummer Falk Willis has set up. It took him a few years to get it going, and it's now up and running. It's here:

It's full of instructional videos with many of the greats of jazz who are active today. Kenny Werner, Ralph Peterson, Ari Honieg, Jean Michel Pilc, and many others, have made videos which are informative and entertaining. The site is clearly in it's infancy, but it looks like it can be infinitely useful. I've just peeked into a few of the lessons; it's great to hear viewpoints from today's masters, young and old. There are also interviews, and there is a chat room to discuss the various materials contained herein. There are separate forums by instrument as well. 

I believe that this type of online teaching studio is another way that musicians are taking back the control of their art and careers. Willis is a great drummer in his own right, and he is someone whose taste and musical viewpoint I respect. I think you will also. Check it out for yourself!


  1. There are videos on youtube from Jazzheaven with Eric Harland talking about time and playing with a group. Very useful videos!

  2. Yup, we posted a bunch of excerpts on YouTube - but not the full-length video. ;)

  3. Very good material... quality images, great instructional content...
    Please keep going! But wouldn't be good at least to give some (not all) credit to Mike's Masterclasses website that had this wonderful idea years ago (although with much lower video quality)?

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