Monday, January 13, 2014

Lost in Polish Translation

Poland, I love you! I do!
I am always happy to get positive press. I was just made aware of a review I received on a Polish blog from writer Robert Ratajczak. It's a nice review; of course I didn't know until I ran it through the "Translate Polish To English" program. Again, I want to emphasize that I appreciate the good review, and I thank Ratajczak for his compliments. However, I couldn't resist printing the translation, because it is unintentionally funny. I want to reiterate that I am in no way making fun of the Polish language, or the Polish people. I am making fun of the translation program's result. That is of course in addition to promoting myself shamelessly. Which is really what the internet is all about.

The original can be found here. Here is the translation:

Versatility George Colligana often delights and surprises jazz lovers . The 45 -year-old New York-based multi-instrumentalist ( piano , drums , trumpet ) and composer born in New Jersey is an exceptional leader of their formation ( of which so far has published more than 20 CDs ) as well as very desirable by the greatest contemporary jazz sideman . Over the years it has had the opportunity to hear , among others, Lee Konitz the constellations , Richard Bona, Cassandra Wilson , Christian McBride , Buster Williams , Al Foster, Benny Golson or . As a pianist, he is led by his mentors : McCoy Turner , Thelonious Monk , Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock , adding to their great inspiration a great deal of his own eclecticism also supported by careful education in the field of classical music.The latest project Colligana is based on the idea of ​​the piano trio and the 10 new songs that fill his new 24 artist album '' The Endless Mysteries '', recorded together with Section dreams : the bass Larry Grenadier and the drummer is none other than the legendary Jack DeJohnette himself , with whom George Colligan has toured in the past few years.'' Waiting For Solitude '' is an excellent opening this brilliant album . What an exceptional mastery of jazz music and a kind of intuition ! Hard, full of depth piano chords , walking bass and oscillating quite invaluable skill DeJohnette , make it really hard to imagine a better persuasion on the part of the musicians on this album spend at least a few hours during repeated her hearing.More dynamic song is'' Song For The Tarahumera ''. Fast-paced , galloping bass Grenadier ( excellent solo in the middle of the topic ! ) , Jack DeJohnette synkopujący full of energy and lots of piano.Respite brings a quiet, impressionistic about '' Her Majesty '' maintained at an average rate . Colligan playing complex melodic structure while maintaining a kind of classical discipline and a wonderful piano cold. In the background '' crazy '' Jack DeJohnette , of course , and Larry Grenadier regales us in the middle of another improvised stunt .The central part of the disc is somehow separate chapter '' The Endless Mysteries ''. While the theme '' Liam 's Lament '' George Colligan appears to us as a great virtuoso harmonica -key melodica , perfectly controlling the breath and the space between the notes of the natural reverb sound of the instrument .Jack DeJohnette mastery dominates the '' It's A Hard Work '', juicy okraszonego of percussion and a great bass line . Colligan is here in the shadow sections, allowing the parties to dominate the piano his companions .Two further topics: '' Thoughts Of Ana '' and'' Outrage '' were composed by the pianist in response to the senseless shooting at a school in Newtown on Dec. 14, 2012 year. It is then the result of insanity 20 -year-old killer killed 28 children and teachers , including 6 -year-old Ana Greene - Marquez- daughter Colligana friend , saxophonist Jimmy Green. It is dedicated to the poignant theme '' Thoughts Of Ana ''.The second theme dedicated to this tragedy is full of expression and anger '' Outrage '' ('' Scandal ''), in which amidst the unique , dynamic party can clearly see the anger and resentment , which emanate instrumental parts . It's really very moving fragments album ...Beautiful ballad '' The Endless Mysteries '' derives from a deep listener somehow transfer the previous few minutes , opening the third chapter '' '' plates ; far more sober and calm emphasizing instrumental parts in place of the dynamics that accompanied us in the first part of the plate and the deep emotions that zdominowy the middle.An impressionistic '' When The Moon Is In The Sky '' and nearly 9 -minute , almost monumental about '' If The Mountain Was Smooth , You Could Climb It'' in style crown the work .George Colligan , Larry Grenadier and Jack DeJohnette is the ideal , in which each instrument can flawlessly , intuitively zakcentować every phrase and pause , either in the form of dialoguing parties and solo improvisation.In addition to '' Out Here '' (2013) Christian McBride Trio , is definitely one of the most interesting American positions recorded in the convention record piano trio in 2013.Jazz world championship - unusual and unique trio , excellent album !

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