Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pride And Joy: My Latest CD and also a RocketHub Project....

Some of you may know that I have finally released a CD which features my Mad Science fusiony organ trio called Pride and Joy. It's on the Piloo Records label(http://www.piloorecords.com/) and it's also available on Itunes and CDBaby(http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gcmadscience). This was a real labor of love: it took about two years to get it mixed, mastered and pressed. Not that it actually took that long; it was only because I was otherwise occupied with moving to Canada and my son being born, etc... But it's finally out, and I am quite proud of it.

Tom Guarna
This band has existed in a few different configurations: the first two CDs featured drumming phenom Rodney Holmes( Mad Science(Sunny Sky), which also featured saxophonist Gary Thomas, and Realization(Sirocco) respectively). Brooklyn-born Tom Guarna has been a constant from the beginning, which was about 10 years ago. The drum chair is now occupied by a young musical wizard named Kenny Grohowski. He's an interesting talent: studied with Jimmy Cobb at the new school, and can also play speed metal! He can do it all.

Kenny Grohowski
It's a great combination of musicians, on and off the band stand. It's got a lot of contemporary energy combined with old school sophistication.(or something......do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?)We haven't been so successful in bringing the band to a theater near you in the past few years, for perhaps a multitude of reasons. One of the most important reasons is lack of funding.(If only Mad Science was a subsidiary of Haliburton! Then we'd be part of "rebuilding" Iraq....) However, there is a new trend on the rise called  crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a 21st century mix of patronage/cyber-busking. You post a project that needs funding and people can basically donate money to help you. It's pretty simple. I've set up a project at Rockethub.com(http://www.rockethub.com/projects/845-pride-and-joy-promotional-tour). As of this writing, I have one person who has donated! I figure, hey, it's worth a shot. But in all seriousness, I've dreamed of getting this band off the ground for a long time. Maybe this might be our chance.

So no pressure of course, but remember, as a wiseman once said: The Greatest Nation is A Small Do-nation!


  1. So no pressure of course, but remember, as a wiseman once said: The Greatest Nation is A Small Do-nation!

  2. Thanks for pointing to the video. I have a lot more Woody to come...For a few years, they did a concert series in the courtyard of the Charles Hotel in Harvard Sq., kind of in conjunction with a local commercial radio station-I think it was WFNX.

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  3. Jodi Proznick and Dave Young are pretty different from Fraser Hollins in terms of the music they write or present on a disc. Jazz in Canada pretty well covers the gamut so I think it's better not to try and narrow it into a Canadian sound, or not... I had a great time programming a series featuring Canadian musicians and have enjoyed the plethora of variables out there. Lots of great music worth hearing and it's nice to see Fraser featured here. That said there certainly are a lot of folks who are fearless about creating new music (maybe it's the arts funding) and I think it has led to some exciting developments and new sounds indeed.Arthritis Helpextensions for volume

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